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   2024  Pageant




May 11th 2024

7:00 p.m.

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry


The competition is divided into 3 categories:

●    Panel Interview
●    Swimsuit
●    Evening Gown

The judges will be looking for an all around winner. She may not be the most outstanding in any one category yet she will score highly in all categories. The judging is based on poise, personality, intelligence and beauty.

There is NO TALENT COMPETITION and no experience is necessary. In addition to choosing Miss Lubbock Texas and Miss Lubbock Texas Teen, awards will be presented to the Most Photogenic, Best in Swimsuit and Miss Congeniality. There will also be a People’s Choice Award awarded to one Teen and one Miss Contestant. The Teen and The Miss with the most votes from the audience wins. Each vote cast costs $1.00. All proceeds from the People’s Choice Award will be donated to the local Multiple Sclerosis Society. Voting begins now and will conclude during the first intermission on the night of the pageant. 


Evening Gown – There are no specific requirements regarding the gown other than that it should be full length, fit you well and compliment your own coloring and physical features.

Personal Interview – For the judges' interviews, you will need a daytime dress, suit or pant suit; something similar to what you might wear to church or a job interview.

Swimsuit Miss/Active Wear Teens:

●    MISS   :   Solid yellow, green, pink or sky blue
●    TEENS:   Top can be solid pink, yellow, green or sky blue. Leggings need to be black
   Shoes   :   Miss: Strappy gold heals.  Teen: White tennis shoes
●    Jewelry:  Gold hoop earings

Introduction Number Outfit:

●    MISS   :   Short sleeved solid yellow top/blouse and denim shorts.
●    TEENS:   Short sleeved solid pink top/blouse and denim shorts.
●    Shoes   :   Both Miss and Teen: Strappy gold heals
●    Jewelry:  Gold hoop earings


Contestants are required to provide the following professional quality photo’s – two 5” X 7” color prints of your favorite head shot or head & shoulder shot (WITHOUT HAT, CROWN, OR SASH AND NO HANDS TO FACE!) printed vertically – both of the same pose. This should be a professional quality print and not from a home ink jet or laser printer. This photo should also be submitted electronically in .jpg format. It must be at a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Make sure your photographer is willing to do this before he takes your photos. SOME PHOTOGRAPHERS CHARGE EXTRA FOR THE ELECTRONIC .JPG FILE.


The total pageant fee is $325.00.  (A sponsor photo in the program book will be an additonal $25.00)

DEADLINES:   Entry Fee, Photos and paperwork will be due on or before May 1st, 2024. 


Fees may be obtained from a sponsor, group of sponsors, family, friends, or the contestant herself. Fees may be paid for by cash or check. All fee payments are  non-refundable after the deadline dates. Early payment in full is always appreciated. 

HOW DO I GET SPONSORS? Follow this link.

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